Among Us Online Edition


Among Us Online Edition

Get ready for an exciting and suspenseful multiplayer experience with "Among Us Online Edition"! Step into the shoes of a crew member aboard a spaceship, where you must work together to uncover the impostor hiding among you.

In this addictive browser mobile game, communication and deduction are key. Engage in thrilling multiplayer matches with friends or players from around the world as you attempt to complete tasks and identify the impostor. But be careful, as the impostor will stop at nothing to sabotage your mission and eliminate crew members one by one.

Form alliances, discuss suspicious behavior, and cast your votes wisely during emergency meetings to uncover the impostor's identity. Will you trust your instincts or fall victim to the impostor's cunning deception?

Customize your character with a variety of colorful outfits, hats, and pets, making your crew member truly stand out in the spacecraft. Earn in-game currency to unlock additional customization options and show off your unique style.

Immerse yourself in the game's simple yet engaging visuals and atmospheric sound effects, creating a thrilling and immersive experience. The tension rises with every step as you navigate through the spaceship, uncertain of who to trust.

Best of all, "Among Us Online Edition" is available for free on your mobile browser, allowing you to join the suspenseful action anytime, anywhere. Gather your friends, sharpen your detective skills, and uncover the impostor in this addictive mobile game. It's time to work together or betray your crewmates in "Among Us Online Edition"!


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Among Us Online Edition


TIMES PLAYED: 10652       VOTES: 601

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1 playerActionArcade

How to play

1. Launch the Game: Open your mobile browser and navigate to the website hosting "Among Us Online Edition." Look for the game and tap on it to start playing.

2. Join or Create a Game: Upon starting the game, you'll be presented with options to join an existing game or create a new one. If you want to join a game, select the available game room that suits your preference. Alternatively, you can create a new game by setting up the room name and selecting the desired settings.

3. Understand Your Role: Once you've entered a game room, you'll be assigned a role as either a Crewmate or an Impostor. As a Crewmate, your objective is to complete various tasks and identify the Impostors among the players. If you're an Impostor, your goal is to sabotage tasks and eliminate the Crewmates without being caught.

4. Navigate the Map: "Among Us" typically takes place in a spaceship or space station setting. Use the on-screen controls or swipe gestures to move your character around the map. Explore the different areas to complete tasks or search for evidence.

5. Complete Tasks (Crewmates): As a Crewmate, your primary objective is to complete assigned tasks to maintain the ship's functionality. Tasks can vary and may include mini-games, such as fixing wires, diverting power, or scanning data. Locate the task icons on the map and interact with them to initiate the task. Follow the instructions provided to complete each task.

6. Sabotage and Eliminate (Impostor): If you're playing as an Impostor, your mission is to blend in with the Crewmates while secretly sabotaging their efforts. You can sabotage different systems on the ship, such as disabling lights or locking doors, to create chaos and confusion among the Crewmates. Use your ability to kill Crewmates by getting close to them and tapping the dedicated "Kill" button when the opportunity arises. Be careful not to get caught in the act or arouse suspicion.

7. Call and Participate in Meetings: Throughout the game, emergency meetings can be called by any player or automatically triggered when a dead body is discovered. During these meetings, players can discuss their suspicions, share information, and vote on who they believe is the Impostor. Use the chat feature to communicate with other players and present your arguments or provide alibis.

8. Vote and Eject Suspects: After the discussion phase, players will vote on who they think is the Impostor. Majority vote determines the outcome, and the player with the most votes will be ejected from the spaceship. If an Impostor is successfully ejected, the Crewmates are one step closer to victory. However, if an innocent Crewmate is ejected, the Impostors gain an advantage.

9. Continue Gameplay: The game continues with alternating phases of completing tasks, calling meetings, and voting until one of the following conditions is met:
• Crewmates complete all tasks and survive, leading to their victory.
• Impostors eliminate enough Crewmates to outnumber them, resulting in the Impostors' victory.
• The Impostors' actions are discovered, and they are successfully voted out.

10. Enjoy the Game: "Among Us Online Edition" offers an engaging and social multiplayer experience. Use your deduction skills, communication abilities, and observation to uncover the truth and achieve victory.

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