Bob The Robber


Bob The Robber

Embark on a thrilling adventure with Bob The Robber, the browser mobile free game that will test your stealth and puzzle-solving skills! Join Bob, the master thief with a heart of gold, as he takes on daring heists to outsmart the security systems and outmaneuver the guards.

In Bob The Robber, you'll step into the shoes of this cunning thief and explore various locations, from high-security museums to heavily guarded mansions. Your mission is to help Bob retrieve valuable treasures while avoiding detection.

Sneak through corridors, disable security cameras, pick locks, and solve intricate puzzles to outwit the guards and make off with the loot. Use your wit and agility to navigate each level, utilizing shadows and disguises to stay one step ahead of the security personnel.

But be careful! One false move can trigger alarms and bring the guards rushing towards you. Stay silent, move swiftly, and think strategically to complete each heist successfully.

As you progress, you'll encounter new challenges, including laser grids, security systems, and even guard dogs. Adapt your strategy and use the tools at your disposal to overcome these obstacles and reach your objective.

With its engaging gameplay, immersive environments, and clever level design, Bob The Robber will keep you hooked for hours. Test your skills, prove your stealth abilities, and become the ultimate master thief!

Are you ready to join Bob on his thrilling adventures? Play Bob The Robber now and become the cunning thief who always stays one step ahead of the law!


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Bob The Robber


TIMES PLAYED: 1107       VOTES: 26

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How to play

1. Controls: The game is typically played using touch controls on your mobile device. Use your finger to interact with the game elements.

2. Sneak and Move: Bob is a master thief, so you'll need to move quietly and avoid being detected by guards and security systems. Tap and swipe your finger on the screen to control Bob's movements. Move him left, right, up, or down to navigate through the levels.

3. Interact with Objects: Throughout the game, you'll come across various objects that you can interact with. Tap on doors, switches, levers, and other items to trigger actions. For example, tap on a door to open it or tap on a switch to turn off a security camera.

4. Collect Items: Look out for valuable items, such as money bags, jewels, and secret documents, as you explore each level. Collecting these items will earn you points and contribute to your overall score.

5. Avoid Guards and Security Systems: Guards patrol the levels, and security systems like lasers and cameras pose a threat to Bob. Stay out of their line of sight and time your movements carefully to avoid being caught. If a guard spots you or an alarm is triggered, you'll have to restart the level.

6. Solve Puzzles: Bob The Robber features various puzzles and obstacles that you need to overcome. Use your problem-solving skills to find solutions. This may involve finding hidden codes, unlocking doors, or navigating through intricate security systems.

7. Advance to New Levels: As you progress, the levels will become more challenging with increased security measures. Each level will require you to use your skills and wits to overcome obstacles and reach the exit.

8. Upgrade Bob: As you accumulate points and progress through the game, you can unlock upgrades for Bob. These upgrades can enhance his abilities and make it easier to complete difficult levels.

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