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Emoji Link

Get ready to put your emoji knowledge to the test in "Emoji Link"! This addictive and fun browser mobile game challenges you to connect and match emojis to solve puzzles and unleash your word-solving skills.

Explore a world of colorful and expressive emojis as you dive into hundreds of engaging levels. Your task is to find the common link between the emojis and create meaningful word connections. Swipe, connect, and link the emojis in the correct order to reveal the hidden words and advance to the next level.

Exercise your brain and enhance your vocabulary as you decipher the emoji combinations. The game features a wide range of categories, including food, animals, objects, and more, ensuring a diverse and challenging gameplay experience. Expand your emoji knowledge and discover new words along the way.

With its intuitive and user-friendly interface, "Emoji Link" is suitable for players of all ages. Enjoy the game's smooth mechanics, which allow you to effortlessly connect the emojis with a simple swipe. The cheerful graphics and lively animations make every level a delightful visual experience.

Challenge yourself to complete levels within a limited number of moves or against the clock, adding an extra layer of excitement and strategic thinking. Earn stars for your achievements and unlock special rewards as you progress through the game.

Invite your friends to join in the fun and see who can solve the emoji puzzles the fastest. Share your progress, challenge each other, and compete for the highest scores on the leaderboard. "Emoji Link" offers a social and interactive gaming experience that will keep you engaged and entertained.

Best of all, "Emoji Link" is available for free on your mobile browser, making it accessible anytime, anywhere. So get ready to link those emojis, unravel the word connections, and showcase your emoji prowess in this addictive and enjoyable word puzzle game. It's time to put your emoji knowledge to the test and become the ultimate Emoji Link master!


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Emoji Link


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How to play

1. Start the game: Open the Emoji Link game on your browser mobile game platform.

2. Objective: The objective of the game is to connect matching pairs of emojis by drawing lines between them. Your goal is to clear all the emojis from the board.

3. Select a level: Choose a level to start playing. The levels may vary in difficulty or have different layouts.

4. Game board: You will see a grid filled with various emojis. Each emoji has a duplicate somewhere on the board.

5. Connect matching pairs: To connect matching pairs of emojis, simply tap and drag your finger across the screen to draw a line between two emojis of the same type. The line should connect the emojis without intersecting with any other emojis or lines.

6. Valid connections: The emojis must be adjacent to each other and have a clear path between them. The path can be vertical, horizontal, or diagonal. The lines can't overlap or cross each other.

7. Clearing emojis: Once you successfully connect a pair of matching emojis, they will disappear from the board, and you will earn points.

8. Time limit: Some levels may have a time limit. You need to clear all the emojis from the board before the time runs out.

9. Power-ups: In some levels, you may encounter special power-up emojis. These emojis can help you clear multiple emojis at once or provide other bonuses. Utilize them strategically to maximize your score.

10. Hints: If you get stuck or need assistance, you can use hints. Hints will show you a valid connection between two emojis. However, using hints may deduct points from your overall score.

11. Complete the level: Continue connecting pairs of emojis until you clear the entire board. Once all the emojis are cleared, you will complete the level and can proceed to the next one.

12. Progress through the game: Keep playing through the levels, each with different layouts and challenges. The difficulty may increase as you advance.

13. Achieve high scores: Try to earn high scores by connecting emojis quickly and efficiently. Strategize your moves to create longer connections and clear more emojis at once.

14. Enjoy the game: Have fun exploring the colorful world of Emoji Link, sharpening your observation and matching skills, and beating your own high scores.

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