Pool: 8 Ball Mania


Pool: 8 Ball Mania

Dive into the exciting world of billiards with "Pool: 8 Ball Mania"! This captivating browser mobile game brings the classic game of 8-ball pool to your fingertips, offering thrilling matches and endless entertainment.

Step into the virtual pool hall and showcase your skills as you aim, shoot, and sink balls in a variety of challenging and immersive pool tables. With realistic physics and intuitive touch controls, "Pool: 8 Ball Mania" delivers an authentic and engaging pool experience that will keep you hooked.

Challenge yourself in a range of game modes, including classic 1-vs-1 matches, tournaments, and exciting mini-games. Hone your skills, strategize your shots, and outmaneuver your opponents to claim victory. With precision and timing, you can become a true pool master.

Join a vibrant community of players from around the world and compete in multiplayer matches. Engage in friendly rivalries, show off your trick shots, and climb the global leaderboards to become the ultimate pool champion. With regular events and tournaments, "Pool: 8 Ball Mania" keeps the competition fierce and the stakes high.

Unlock a wide range of stylish cues and personalize your pool-playing experience. Choose from an array of vibrant table felts and customize your avatar with cool outfits and accessories. Show off your unique style as you dominate the pool hall.

Immerse yourself in the game's stunning 3D graphics, realistic animations, and immersive sound effects. The lifelike visuals and authentic audio create an atmosphere that transports you to a real pool hall, enhancing the thrill of each shot.

Best of all, "Pool: 8 Ball Mania" is available for free on your mobile browser, giving you the freedom to enjoy thrilling pool matches anytime, anywhere. So grab your cue, chalk it up, and get ready to break into an addictive gaming experience with "Pool: 8 Ball Mania"! It's time to show off your skills and become a pool legend.


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Pool: 8 Ball Mania


TIMES PLAYED: 588       VOTES: 11

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How to play

1. Start the Game: Launch your mobile browser and navigate to the website hosting "Pool: 8 Ball Mania." Look for the game and tap on it to start playing.

2. Aim and Shoot: The objective of the game is to pocket all the balls on the table using the white cue ball. To aim your shot, drag your finger across the screen, adjusting the angle and direction of the cue stick. Position the cue stick towards the ball you want to hit.

3. Adjust Shot Power: To adjust the power of your shot, slide your finger back and forth along the power gauge displayed on the screen. Pulling back further will increase the power of the shot, while pulling back less will result in a lighter shot.

4. Execute the Shot: Once you have aimed and adjusted the shot power, release your finger from the screen to strike the cue ball. The cue ball will then travel in the direction and with the power you applied. The goal is to hit the numbered balls (1-7 or 9-15) into the pockets while avoiding pocketing the 8 ball.

5. Follow the Rules: "Pool: 8 Ball Mania" follows the standard rules of 8-ball pool. The player who pockets all of their designated balls (stripes or solids) and then legally sinks the 8 ball wins the game. Be mindful of the specific rules of the game variant you are playing, as there may be variations in certain rules such as scratching or calling shots.

6. Alternate Turns: In multiplayer mode, the game usually follows an alternating turn format. After one player takes a shot, it's the next player's turn to shoot. Aim to pocket as many balls as possible during your turn, while also strategically setting up the table for future shots.

7. Use Cue Ball Spin: In some pool games, you can apply spin to the cue ball to control its trajectory after it makes contact with another ball. To apply spin, tap the cue ball on the screen after you have adjusted your aim and power. This will activate a spin control interface where you can select the desired spin direction.

8. Plan Your Shots: To excel in "Pool: 8 Ball Mania," strategic planning is crucial. Consider the positions of the balls on the table and plan your shots accordingly. Aim to set up easy shots for subsequent turns and use banks or combination shots when necessary.

9. Keep an Eye on the Timer: Some pool games have a time limit for each shot. Pay attention to the timer displayed on the screen and make your shot before it runs out. Running out of time will result in a foul or the loss of your turn, depending on the game rules.

10. Enjoy the Game: "Pool: 8 Ball Mania" provides a realistic and enjoyable pool-playing experience. Take your time, aim carefully, and try to outsmart your opponents in this classic game of skill and strategy.

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